Our Coffee

Wild Coffee is grown in the wild and handpicked in the forests of Ethiopia, Wild Coffee is 100% organic and is unique with a distinctive, exotic flavour. We promote authentic Ethiopian coffee flavours to the world. Our freshly roasted special “WILD BLEND” is roasted to preserve the natural Arabica coffee taste. We use air cargo to bring our coffee from Ethiopia. This ensures you get freshly roasted aromatic beans with full- bodied flavour. Wild Coffee is the most balanced blend in Africa, roasted by Ethiopia’s number 1 master roaster.

The Wild Coffee assortment offers a wide and diverse range of roasted coffee to satisfy every palate with flavours including those of deep spicy, floral, herbal, winey or fruity blends. We promote authentic Ethiopian coffee flavours to the world, offering customers a wide selection to choose from. Wild Coffee products consist of whole bean and ground coffee.

Our Products



We supply for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets around the country. We see our partners as our family, working together to produce the best coffee experience possible. We want you to get the best out of your coffee and produce something your customers will love and keep coming back. Get in touch, we’d love to learn more and welcome you to the Wild Coffee Family.

About Us

Jetkass Ltd, a registered Import/Export company in Kenya is the authorized importer and distributor of Wild Coffee in Kenya. Jetkass Ltd aims to promote African products throughout the continent for inclusive and sustainable development of coffee growers and small-scale farmers.

Wild Coffee is a registered trademark of ‘Wild Coffee’ owned by Fresh Agro Industry PLC of Ethiopia.